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Welsh Inspired Autumn Menu 2019

Tuesday, the 17th of September through Thursday, the 14th of November


Southern Tower Dining on the 20th floor will be offering Welsh Inspired Autumn Menus, starting on Tuesday, the 17th of September through Thursday, the 14th of November.
Since the World sports events will be held in Tokyo this Autumn, we feature products from Wales, a Rugby Powerhouse.
Welsh Dinner is one of the Autumn Menus we strongly recommend, and this is also the first Welsh Cuisines full-course meal in Japan.
Please enjoy the taste of Wales from our lively open kitchen with spectacular panoramic views of the Greater Tokyo-Shinjuku Skyline.


RESTAURANT –  Welsh Dinner JPY12,000


Norwegian Salmon and Vegetable Crêpe flavored with Horseradish

Tartar of Scallop Herb flavored with Butter Cream

Wrapped British Blue Homard Lobster and Vegetable Fricassee

Grilled Welsh Lamb Chops with Mint Sauce

Prince Charles’s Favorite Assorted “Caws Cenarth” Cheeses

Yogurt Mousse with Brandy Mincemeat

Coffee or Tea


BAR – 2019 Games Lunch  JPY3,800


Three kinds of Appetizers

Soup of the Day

Roasted Welsh Lamb and Grilled MIYAGI ONAGAWA Scallop

Baked Cheese Cake with Berry Sauce

Coffee or Tea


BAR – KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef Hamburger with CALON WEN Welsh Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese   JPY2,950



Welsh Whisky


Penderyn is an only Whisky distillery in Wales, famous for a single malt whisky produced in several expressions.

Whisky had been distilled in Wales for hundreds of years, but stopped in 1894. Penderyn became the first whisky to be manufactured in Wales for over a century when sales started in 2004, with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. It remains the only whisky currently produced in Wales.

Enjoy the combination with Welsh Cheese, which is a favorite of Prince Charles.

Penderyn Myth  JPY1,200
Penderyn Celt   JPY1,400
Penderyn Sherrywood  JPY1,600

Assorted Welsh Cheese  JPY2,240


Welsh Spirits


FIVE Vodka  JPY1,200

Five is a premium 43% adv vodka made with using water from the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is distilled five times for maximum purity. It tastes fruity and very smooth.


Brecon Botanicals Gin  JPY1,200

The best pure grain spirit, and water from the Brecon Beacons National Park. This super-premium gin is crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth.


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