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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility and Social contribution Activities

Hotel Century Southern Tower (Odakyu Hotels Southern Tower Co., Ltd.) fulfills its Social responsibilities as a company through its own committee, the STEC (Southern Tower Educational Committee), which coordinates activities in our hotel. Our CSR activities are guided by our Risk Management and our Employee Satisfaction committees which are supported by all employees.

We have set two important challenges for the sustainable growth of society.

1. Hospitality Management in Safety and Security

1) Training and learning of First Aid, CPR and AED

Knowledge of First Aid, CPR and AED are very important to us. We have been taking the lifesaving skills training course conducted by the Tokyo Fire Department.
Currently, half of the hotel’s staff are certified in basic First Aid.

2) Disaster Prepared
When disasters such as fires, earthquakes, etc. strike, all our staff have been trained to start firefighting procedures and to quickly and safely evacuate and rescue all guests present on the premises inside the building. We have also been actively involved with the firefighting training review board for fire defense every year by the Shibuya Fire Station. In November 2011, our activities were highly praised and we were awarded the certificate of commendation from the Shibuya Fire Chief.

3) Provide food and hygiene safety
We are certified by the Tokyo food hygiene self-management certification system.


2. Environmental Action / Global Warming Prevention

1) Energy Saving
● Keycard systems control lighting, heating and air conditioners when the room is not use.
● Operating control of the elevators from late at night to early in the morning.
● Building management systems are in place to control temperatures throughout the hotel except for guest rooms.
● Energy saving lighting
・Enforced diligently turn off at the back space.
・Introduced the sensor activated lighting in the stairways.
・Use LED lighting at the entrance, in the hallways on the guest room floors, in some of the back spaces and in the ceilings of the 19th and 20th floor.

2) Polio Vaccination
We collect used PET bottle caps and recycles them through the Eco Cap Movement, a nonprofit organization (NPO). The NPO collects bottle caps to fund vaccines for children in developing countries. We have donated 1,956,053 caps which have helped to provide vaccines for about 2,445 children in developing countries.
*800 caps earn 20 yen, which covers the cost of the polio vaccination for one child.

3) Preventing Environmental Degradation by Detergents
● Re-use towels and other linens on guest request.
● Shampoo, conditioner and body soap dispensers to be installed in all guest rooms except for the executive rooms.


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