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Autumn Event @ TRIBEKS

Restaurant TRIBEKS on the 20th floor will offer a special six-course meal featuring products from KUMAMOTO Prefecture, Japan. Since the inaugural hosting of this Autumn Event in 2014, many of our guests have enjoyed the delicious “KUMAMOTO Aka Beef” which is reputed to be healthy beef with little extra fat contents.

Kumamoto Prefecture is located in the center of the Kyushu Island in Southwest Japan. Kumamoto Prefecture is known for its resilience for rebounding from the powerful April 2016 earthquakes. In honour and solidarity for the people, we have decided to dedicate this dinner event with all our passion and support in cheer of Kumamoto Prefecture through the celebration of the finest meats.

To assure you the finest quality, both our Executive Chef Mr. Okamoto and our Restaurant Manager visited KUMAMOTO in person and inspected the states of the preparation and processing of the choice Kumamoto meats for this event.

This autumn’s special dinner includes: Assorted Appetizers, Fish Dish, Main Dish and Dessert. There is a choice of three different main dishes of Kumamoto specialty to choose your preferred main dish from. The options available are: Grilled KUMAMOTO Aka Beef, Grilled Amakusa Daio Chicken and Roasted Horse Meat.

Please enjoy the taste of KUMAMOTO from our kitchen with breathtaking views of the city.



Autumn event @ TRIBKES will be held from October 1st to November 30th at dinner time

Autumn event @ TRIBKES will be held from October 1st to November 30th at dinner time


Period October 1st – November 30th,2017 at dinner time

Price 8,910 yen up / per persons

Octopus and KUMAMOTO Rice Croquette flavored with Mozzarella Cheese

Assorted Appetizers

Pot Pie Soup with KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef and Vegetables, Matsutake Mushroom Flavor

-Seafood Dish
Salt-Baked KUMAMOTO AMAKUSA Sea Bream with Hairy Crab Sauce

-Main Dishes  / Please choose one from the following dishes
・Skewered KUMAMOTO Chicken with Balsamic and Sweet Sake
・Broiled KUMAMOTO SENKO Farm Horse Meat with Smoked Salt and Horseradish
・Grilled KUMAMOTO Wagyu Beef with Barley Miso Sauce and KUMAMOTO Vegetables  +1,000 yen

Sweet Potato Tart Flavored with Ginger and Sake Lees Gelato

Coffee or Tea


Reservation is required please call
+ 81 3 5354 2177